Death After Dialysis Lawsuit

Do you need a death after dialysis lawsuit? You might if a loved one died while receiving kidney dialysis treatment, or soon afterward. This may be due to defective dialysis treatment product GranuFlo Acid or NaturaLyte Liquid Concentrate. And your family may be due substantial economic recovery via a death after dialysis lawsuit.

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Too, don’t concern yourself too much with having to appear in court for a lengthy legal proceeding. In truth, the majority of injury cases such as this are handled by negotiating a settlement out of court. Then it’s not necessary to conduct a trial.

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Wrongful Death Lawsuit

After the tragedy of a death after dialysis treatment, it’s important to determine who’s to blame. If GranuFlo Acid or NaturaLyte Liquid Concentrate were used in the treatment — both of which have been recalled by the Food and Drug Administration — then they are to blame.

That means we can compel the treatments’ maker, Fresenius, to pay your family for your losses in a wrongful death lawsuit or death after dialysis lawsuit. But first we need to hear from you, so contact us today.

Death After Dialysis Lawsuit

Many Americans have suffered heart attacks or died due to these defective dialysis treatments. Don’t let a negligent manufacturer get away with causing such horrible tragedies.

Let’s fight back with a death after dialysis lawsuit on behalf of you and your deceased loved one. Justice must be served.

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